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Be prepared.. Unique event in the urban-boulder scene: Urban Waters Cup 2016 in Vienna, Austria!

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The Urban Waters Cup takes place on the 6th August 2016 at Donauinsel, Vienna!

They will be, like every year a women and a men evaluation. The first 30 participants already are registered (for now the registraton is closed). But no worries- you can register directly at the event too!

The event is for the first time official in the story of the Urban Boulder Cups in Vienna, it is registered by the city. Thanks for the good cooperation! For safety purposes,  in the water there will be some safety swimmers and on the ground some first aid workers will attend your safety.

The climbing tournament is from 2pm - 8pm. The first routes will be locked (ca. grade 6). Then the difficulty will increase until the final.

Meeting at 1pm - Donauinsel - Reichsbrückenpfeiler - Neuen Donau

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