Pudel Linie

Gespeichert von BBalazs am Di., 02/25/2014 - 22:29

Donauinsel side, below Reichbrücke, Donauinsel U-bahn stop and 100m straight ahead.
Nice and hard line with compression and toe jamming than a slopy topout.


Standstart, use anything except the little wall on the right (about 1.5m high, don't step on it...)
Think it would be fair for a FB 7a.

A bit easier with a sitstart and then exit right, using the small wall as a footstep. By the sitstart us your right hand and heel to press against the sidewall and reach with right hand above the small wall onto a good sidpull(crack). FB 6B/+ or so.

A sitstart and direct finish would be really hard (without the small wall on the right and the good sidepull crack...) maybe a good project :)


48.230063, 16.412393

Pudel Linie